History of Scott Fence

Coley Scott, Scott Fence founder and fence pioneer
Coley Scott, Scott Fence founder and fence pioneer
Many of you may be familiar with the Scott Fence Logo which has planted its roots in the greater Baton Rouge area for more than 50 years. As you drive through the city and surrounding parishes, you can’t help but notice that familiar black and yellow sign throughout the neighborhoods, schools, churches and businesses. Scott Fence, a family owned and operated business, is proud to have served Louisiana since 1956.

The family enterprise that Scott Fence has become, began with just one mans dream of success. This man knew that education was the key to a secure future, so he came to the United States at just 16 years old from the Cayman Islands in order to finish school and become a high school graduate. Coley Scott graduated from high school in Port

Arthur, Texas and got married to a beautiful young woman, then settled in Baton Rouge with barely any money and the dream of someday having his own fence company. With the help of an uncle who worked in fence, he took notes and learned what he could. He then began to apply his desires and efforts into what he hoped would one day become the largest fence company in South Louisiana.

Today, with nearly 50 employees, many of which have been with Scott Fence for over 30 years, it is appropriate to say that his dream has in fact become a reality.

One of Scott Fence's Baton Rouge FencingIn 2004 Coley Scott passed away and his sons, Charlie and Forrest, took over as President and Vice President, respectively. Family was always top priority with Coley and Scott Fence. This is evident as the third generations of Scotts are continuing his dream. On any given day, scattered among its many employees you will find two of Coley’s sons, three grandsons, a nephew & daughter-in-law.

Their work ethic is simple. Get the job done, and get it done right. Being thorough, timely, and efficient has always been top priority.

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